Save Tagset Tab

This sub tab under the "Save / Download" tab allows you to save a tagset of selected variables to be later downloaded. After selecting variables to create a tagset.

Tagsets of selected variables may be saved for later downloads as follows:

  1. Choose the "Save Tagset" tab under the "Save / Download" tab.
  2. Either choose "Save to PC" or "Save on our server" option.
    • ONLY choose "Save on our server" if you are a registered user logged into your own account.
    • Tagsets on our server with no activity may be deleted after 90 days.
  3. Choose Tagset Type either By Rnum or By Qname with Year.
  4. Define the name (highlighted below) of your tagset and click "Save" to download your tagset.

Save Tagset screenshot

Saved Tagset File Contents

Saved tagsets are simple text files with a list of the variables you selected. You can save, add, delete or change variables in your tagset as you are searching for variable of interest. When you are ready to download the data, Investigator uses your tagset to create the dataset and accompanying documentation.

The list will include either (1) Reference Numbers (RNUMs) or (2) Question Names (QNames) with the survey year appended. You can choose either type of list when you save the tagset. There is no functional difference in Investigator between the two options. RNUMs are the traditional unique identifier used in NLS data sets, while QNames sometimes incorporate a brief indication of the variable’s content (such as CV_HGC for “Highest Grade Completed”). Because the tagset file is a text file, you can open it in any text editor (such as WordPad) and make changes if desired. This is a convenient way to combine two or more different tagsets.


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