Additional Features and Further Help

Additional Help

If you have any questions about the NLS data or need assistance with the Investigator, you can use the email link provided at the bottom right of each page of the Investigator to contact NLS User Services. The links at the bottom left of each page can lead you to the NLS homepage, the NLS bibliography or the privacy policy.

Account Features

Option to save tagsets to the Investigator server.

You will find saved tagsets on the server under the Choose Tagsets tab.

Option to save downloads on Investigator server.

The "Downloads" link in the upper right menu bar permits you to open and manage previous extracts stored on the server.

My Account - Downloads screenshot

Account Preferences

The "Account" link in the upper right menu allows you to:

  • Share update personal information (email address required all other information is optional).
  • Preferred file format of either "Dos/Windows" or "Unix" for data download.

My Account - Preferences screenshot


Option to change your password.

The "Change Password" link is available in the Account Preferences.

Change Password screenshot


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