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Author: Williams, Nicolas
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1. Wright, John Paul
Cullen, Francis T.
Williams, Nicolas
The Embeddedness of Adolescent Employment and Participation in Delinquency: A Life Course Perspective
Western Criminology Review 4,1(2002): 1-19.
Cohort(s): Children of the NLSY79
Publisher: Western Society of Criminology
Keyword(s): Behavior, Antisocial; Crime; Delinquency/Gang Activity; Employment, Youth; Life Course

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Adolescent penetration into the labor market is a relatively new, and much understudied, phenomena. To date, limited empirical evidence suggests that the extensive employment of adolescents increases their offending. We bring together insights garnered from life-course criminology, which emphasizes the timing of transitional role changes; and economic sociology, which draws attention to the "social embeddedness" of development and decision-making. The objective is to test whether a youth's embeddedness within the labor market has deleterious consequences for the youth's behavior. Our results show that work embeddedness is positively related to delinquency, and that this effect is not accounted for by prior levels of delinquent involvement. These findings were replicated by use of a community sample. In total our findings suggest that being embedded in a work role as a teenager has general deleterious consequences for behavior. Copyright: 2002, The Western Criminology Review.

Sample: Data for this project come from two sources: First, we use the 1988, 1990, and 1992 waves of the children of the (NLSY). Assessment of the development of children born to mothers in the NLSY began in 1986 and has continued at two-year intervals through 1992. The second sample was drawn from eight high schools located in northeast Tennessee (N=436). Although a convenience sample, the data set contains detailed information about the involvement of youths in work and delinquency, as well as measures of work related attitudes and coworker delinquency. Following the lead of Sampson and Groves (1989), we use this sample to validate the measure of work embeddedness derived from the NLSY-Children and to replicate the findings generated from national data.

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Wright, John Paul, Francis T. Cullen and Nicolas Williams. "The Embeddedness of Adolescent Employment and Participation in Delinquency: A Life Course Perspective." Western Criminology Review 4,1(2002): 1-19.