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Author: Blount, Stacye A.
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1. Christie-Mizell, C. André
Keil, Jacqueline M.
Kimura, Aya
Blount, Stacye A.
Gender Ideology and Motherhood: The Consequences of Race on Earnings
Sex Roles 57 (2007): 689-702.
Cohort(s): NLSY79
Publisher: Springer
Keyword(s): Age at First Birth; Earnings; Gender Attitudes/Roles; Mothers; Racial Differences

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Using a nationally representative US sample, this study explores the relationship between gender ideology and the earnings of African American and white mothers over a 10-year period (1988-1998). We further investigate how factors related to fertility (i.e., age at first birth and the number of children) impact earnings for these mothers. Findings show, that regardless of race, a conservative gender ideology reduces women's earnings but less so for African Americans compared to whites. With regard to fertility, the number of children is detrimental to the earnings of white mothers, but has no effect on the African American mothers in our sample. However, early childbearing does depress the earnings of African American women more so than for their white counterparts.
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Christie-Mizell, C. André, Jacqueline M. Keil, Aya Kimura and Stacye A. Blount. "Gender Ideology and Motherhood: The Consequences of Race on Earnings." Sex Roles 57 (2007): 689-702.