NLS Youth '79 Cohort

National Longitudinal Survey of Youth - 1979 Cohort
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Men and women born in the years 1957-64
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NLS Youth 1979
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National Longitudinal Survey of Youth | 1979
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Three sets of employment-related discrimination questions have been asked of NLSY79 respondents during select survey years. 

The first set, included in the 1979 and 1982 surveys, questioned working-age (that is, age 16 and over) respondents on whether they believed that specific types of discrimination (race, nationality, sex, and age) had caused them problems in getting a good job. 

Class of Worker

Created Variables

COWALL-EMP#: These variables contain the respondent's class of worker category for each employer (see universe restrictions below).


Important Information About Using Class of Worker Data

Jobs & Employers

Created Variables

NUMBER OF JOBS SINCE LAST INTERVIEW: These variables reflect the number of jobs held since the last interview date.

NUMBER OF JOBS IN CALENDAR YEAR: These variables reflect the number of jobs held in the calendar year prior to the survey year

Work Experience

Created Variables

Number of Employers: NUMBER OF JOBS EVER REPORTED AS OF INTERVIEW DATE (All Interview Years)

Tenure with Specific Employer: TOTAL TENURE IN WEEKS WITH EMPLOYER (JOB #1-5) (All Interview Years)

Cumulative Labor Force Experience:

Employment: An Introduction


Important Information About Using Employment Data

Users are advised to read the Jobs & Employers and Work Experience pages first for any employment-related research.

Attitudes & Expectations

Poverty Status & Public Assistance Support Sources

Pension Benefits & Pension Plans

Pension Benefits and Social Security Payments 

Information on whether income was received by the respondent or spouse from other (unspecified) sources such as Social Security, pensions, or annuities was collected during the administration of each survey's "Income and Assets" section. Follow-up questions asked whether:


Created Variables

TOTAL NET FAMILY INCOME: These variables provide a composite income figure from a number of income values for household members related to the respondent by blood or marriage.

POVERTY STATUS: These variables reflect the respondent's household's actual status with respect to the poverty level for his/her family size.



Created Variables

TNFW_TRUNC: These variables contain the total net wealth amount (assets - debts) for each survey year in which assets information was collected (1985-1990, 1992-2000, 2004, 2008, 2012, 2016, and 2020).


Important Information When Using Assets Data


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