NLS Youth '79 Cohort

National Longitudinal Survey of Youth - 1979 Cohort
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Men and women born in the years 1957-64
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NLS Youth 1979
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National Longitudinal Survey of Youth | 1979
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Cigarette Use

Three sets of cigarette use data for NLSY79 respondents are available: 

Alcohol Use

Information on familial history of alcohol abuse or dependency was collected during the 1988 survey and included a series of questions on whether relatives of the respondent had been alcoholics or problem drinkers, the relationship of the respondent to up to seven such alcoholic relatives, and the length of time, if any, that the respondent resided with each such relative. Table 1 summarizes the alcohol use variables collected for the NLSY79 and the survey years during which each type of variable was collected.

Marital Status, Marital Transitions and Attitudes


Data on childcare have been collected within various topical sections of the NLSY79 questionnaires. The main data collection on types of childcare arrangements, discussed in detail below, occurred during the 1982-86, 1988, 1992, and 1994-2014 surveys. Starting with the 2016 survey, childcare data were no longer gathered, due to the age of the sample.



Created Variables

III. Environmental Variables

II. Human Capital and Other Socioeconomic Variables

I. Labor Market Experience Variables

National Longitudinal Survey of Youth | 1979

The NLSY79 Cohort is a longitudinal project that follows the lives of a sample of American youth born between 1957-64. The cohort originally included 12,686 respondents ages 14-22 when first interviewed in 1979; after two subsamples were dropped, 9,964 respondents remain in the eligible samples. Data are now available from Round 1 (1979 survey year) to Round 29 (2020 survey year).


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