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Title: An Evaluation of the NLSY
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1. Gritz, R. Mark
MaCurdy, Thomas E.
Mroz, Thomas
An Evaluation of the NLSY
Working Paper, Seattle WA: Battelle Memorial Institute, February 1994
Cohort(s): NLSY79
Publisher: Battelle Human Affairs Research Center
Keyword(s): Attrition; Demography; Employment, Youth; Longitudinal Data Sets; Longitudinal Surveys; Sample Selection

The National Longitudinal Survey of Youth (NLSY) has become one of the most widely used data sources for investigating many of the economic and demographic circumstances faced by young adults during the 1980s. As the NLSY enters its second decade, some researchers may be concerned about the current representativeness of the NLSY due to attrition which has plagued other longitudinal data sets. There has been surprisingly little attrition from the NLSY, but there has been little research done to date to determine the relevance of the researchers' concern. This study will investigate the nature and potential consequences of attrition in the NLSY, by carrying out an empirical study of the reliability of these data focusing on three groups of questions: 1. Does the sample selection from the NLSY on the basis of attrition status alter the distributions of earnings and other labor-market variables in a way that changes our picture of youths' employment experiences? 2. How well does the NLSY replicate the labor-market experiences of various demographic segments of the youth population in the US? 3. What are the characteristics of those who miss surveys in the NLSY? Also, what are the characteristics of those who return to the sample?
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Gritz, R. Mark, Thomas E. MaCurdy and Thomas Mroz. "An Evaluation of the NLSY." Working Paper, Seattle WA: Battelle Memorial Institute, February 1994.