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Source: Economic Development Quarterly
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1. Haurin, Donald R.
Haurin, R. Jean
The Migration of Youth and the Business Cycle: 1978 to 1984
Economic Development Quarterly 1,2 (May 1987): 162-169.
Cohort(s): NLSY79
Publisher: Sage Publications
Keyword(s): Business Cycles; Labor Force Participation; Labor Supply; Manpower Programs; Migration

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This study investigates whether the relocational choices of youth correspond to the business cycle, and identifies other correlates with relocation decisions. Analysis is based on a state's viewpoint and policy questions are evaluated in this context. The authors find that the migration of youth is highly cyclical and that in a downturn relative to the rest of the nation, a state can lose a substantial proportion of its youth, the group forming the next generation of a state's labor supply. The coordination of redevelopment goals calls for states to not only concentrate on attracting desired types of employers, but also on retaining a labor force with the appropriate skills. In particular, the study indicates that midwestern states which have recently focused on attracting "high-tech" industries have simultaneously lost their brightest and most highly motivated youth. Some support was found for the hypothesis that a state supported jobs program can tide youth over the downturn and raise their long-term retention probability.
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Haurin, Donald R. and R. Jean Haurin. "The Migration of Youth and the Business Cycle: 1978 to 1984." Economic Development Quarterly 1,2 (May 1987): 162-169.