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Author: Daniels, Gerald
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1. Daniels, Gerald
Smythe, Andria C.
Student Debt and Labor Market Outcomes
Working Paper, Social Science Research Network, March 2018.
Cohort(s): NLSY97
Publisher: Social Science Electronic Publishing, Inc.
Keyword(s): Debt/Borrowing; Income; Labor Market Outcomes; Student Loans

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We study the impact of student debt on various labor market outcomes, namely, labor market income, hourly wages, hours worked, probability of being employed and probability of full-time employment. Using data from the NLSY97 surveys and a difference in difference approach, we find statistically significant differences in labor market outcomes for individuals who received a student loan versus those who received no student loan. Our findings are that the difference in income during versus after college enrollment is 8-9 percent higher for student debt holders when compared to individuals with no student debt. We find evidence that this higher income among student loan holders is due to higher work hours rather than higher wage rates. We also find that the difference in full-time employment during versus after college enrollment is 5 percent higher for student-debt holders when compared to students with no debt. [Also presented at Atlanta GA, American Economic Association Annual Meeting, January 2019]
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Daniels, Gerald and Andria C. Smythe. "Student Debt and Labor Market Outcomes." Working Paper, Social Science Research Network, March 2018.