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Author: Betesh, Hannah
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1. Abe, Yasuyo
Betesh, Hannah
Datta, Atreyee Rupa
A Longitudinal Analysis of Early Self-employment in the NLSYs
Small Business Administration Research Summary 367, August 2010.
Cohort(s): NLSY79, NLSY97
Publisher: U.S. Small Business Administration
Keyword(s): Career Patterns; Entrepreneurship; Family Background and Culture; Family Characteristics; Intergenerational Patterns/Transmission; Self-Employed Workers; Small Business (Owner/Employer); Work Histories

While the existing literature on self-employment offers a wealth of information on the characteristics of self-employed workers at a single point in time, to date few studies have taken workers' patterns of self-employment as their unit of analysis. Few studies describe how involvement in self-employment is changing for the new generation of workers. The purpose of this research is to provide policy-relevant analysis of the characteristics and career paths of those Americans who have chosen self-employment. Specifically, this study will (a) provide new empirical findings regarding the dynamics of self-employment that underpin individual entrepreneurship during early adult work life; and (b) document generational changes in self-employment patterns in early adult work life between two cohorts born in the second half of the 20th century.To address these research issues, this study utilizes two National Longitudinal Surveys of Youth, the 1979 Cohort (NLSY79) and the 1997 Cohort (NLSY97), which offer extensive information on economic activity, as well as data on personal and family backgrounds, and allow detailed longitudinal investigation of self-employment activities.
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Abe, Yasuyo, Hannah Betesh and Atreyee Rupa Datta. "A Longitudinal Analysis of Early Self-employment in the NLSYs." Small Business Administration Research Summary 367, August 2010.