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Source: Journal of Organizational Behavior
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1. Hayes, Jill Rader
Men in Female-Concentrated Occupations
Journal of Organizational Behavior 10,3 (July 1989): 201-212
Cohort(s): Young Men
Publisher: Wiley Online
Keyword(s): Occupational Segregation; Occupations; Occupations, Female; Occupations, Male

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This paper presents an analysis comparing characteristics of men in female- and male-concentrated occupations and investigating assumptions and stereotypes about gender-atypically employed men, based on data from the NLS Young Men (N=3,400 in 1981 who were ages 14-24 when first interviewed in 1966). The variables considered included male presence in the household, socioeconomic background, sex-role attitudes, marital status, education, and employment characteristics. The findings show that differences exist in female- versus male- concentrated occupations, but not in ways found in previous research using small local samples; i.e., men in female-concentrated jobs generally were more satisfied with their work, and they were not more likely to be black, or to have less education, lower socioeconomic backgrounds, and lower occupational status than men in male-concentrated occupations. Future research should investigate choice of occupation to enable encouraging appropriate male subjects to enter gender-atypical occupations. [Sociological Abstracts, Inc.]
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Hayes, Jill Rader. "Men in Female-Concentrated Occupations." Journal of Organizational Behavior 10,3 (July 1989): 201-212.