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Author: Steiber, Stevens
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1. Angle, John
Steiber, Stevens
Wissmann, David A.
Educational Indicators and Occupational Achievement
Social Science Research 9,1 (March 1980): 60-75.
Cohort(s): Young Men, Young Women
Publisher: Academic Press, Inc.
Keyword(s): Education Indicators; Educational Attainment; Occupational Attainment

This paper uses surveys of young men and women 14-24 and examines whether 'highest grade completed' is a sufficient measure of education for use in models of occupational achievement. The data on which this paper are based are: approximate information on what subjects were taken, quality of education, degrees received, and number of years completed. The findings indicate that 'highest grade completed' adequately measures the impact of education on occupational achievement, though the other indicators slightly affect this outcome as well.
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Angle, John, Stevens Steiber and David A. Wissmann. "Educational Indicators and Occupational Achievement." Social Science Research 9,1 (March 1980): 60-75.