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Author: Singletary, Michelle
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1. Singletary, Michelle
Making No Allowance for Values
Washington Post, Sunday, (Jan 9, 2000): H01
Cohort(s): NLSY97
Publisher: Washington Post
Keyword(s): Allowance, Pocket Money; Income Level; Parenthood; Teenagers; Transfers, Parental

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These days, however, millions of kids are on their parents' payroll. In a survey by researchers at Ohio State University, half the children surveyed get a regular allowance, according to a survey by researchers at Ohio State University. But half of all teens aren't getting any money, and of the half that do, 25 percent get less than $7 a week. Not surprisingly, parents who earned less gave smaller allowances. As income rose, so did the allowance. The allowance survey was based on lengthy personal interviews conducted with nearly 9,000 randomly chosen teenagers participating in the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth. It was sponsored in part by the Labor Department and profiled in last month's issue of American Demographics magazine. "Allowance" was defined as any money disbursed to children by parents, other relatives or guardians.
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Singletary, Michelle. "Making No Allowance for Values." Washington Post, Sunday, (Jan 9, 2000): H01.