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Author: Silver, Hilary
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1. Silver, Hilary
Goldscheider, Frances Kobrin
Flexible Work and Housework: Work and Family Constraints on Women's Domestic Labor
Social Forces 72,4 (June 1994): 1103-1119.
Cohort(s): Mature Women, Young Women
Publisher: University of North Carolina Press
Keyword(s): Collective Bargaining; Earnings, Husbands; Gender Differences; Job Status; Sex Roles; Wage Differentials; Wage Gap; Wages, Women; Work Hours

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This paper tests the theory of compensating differentials by examining whether working women trade earnings for temporal, spatial, or social flexibility on the job. Women with greater family responsibilities, less help with housework, more traditional gender attitudes, higher-earning husbands, and female-dominated occupations who also hold flexible jobs are no more likely to exhibit an earnings trade-off than women with fewer family or gender- related constraints. Based on an analysis of the National Longitudinal Surveys of young and mature women, the only support for compensating differentials is provided by the older cohort of women who trade off earnings for home work. Although the study supports some aspects of new structuralist theory, the best overall explanation for the findings is gender-related. Flexible gender ideology has incorporated women's need for flexible work as a justification for lower pay, regardless of whether women's family situations constrain the terms of their employment.
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Silver, Hilary and Frances Kobrin Goldscheider. "Flexible Work and Housework: Work and Family Constraints on Women's Domestic Labor." Social Forces 72,4 (June 1994): 1103-1119.