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Author: Schroeder, Larry D.
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1. Stephan, Paula E.
Schroeder, Larry D.
Career Decisions and Labor Force Participation of Married Women
In: Women in the Labor Market. CB Lloyd, et al., eds. New York, NY: Columbia University Press, 1979
Cohort(s): Mature Women
Publisher: Columbia University Press
Keyword(s): Career Patterns; Husbands, Income; Schooling; Wives

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This paper argues that the treatment of women as a homogenous group when analyzing labor force participation decisions is likely to result in a loss of information because it ignores career commitments. It was hypothesized that variables such as education, children, husband's permanent income, and race could explain observed differences in the commitment of women to the labor force. A sample of married women, husbands present, from the 1967 NLS of Young Women, was used to test this hypothesis using as a measure of career the observance that women had been in the labor force for at least 70 percent of the time between marriage and 1967. The outcome of a logit regression analysis suggested that these variables were significantly related to the probability of being a career woman. The authors then explored how segmentation of the sample into career and noncareer components might affect the outcome of the usual labor force participation analysis of women at a single point in time. It was argued that transitory impacts upon husband's earnings would probably affect the participation of those without a career commitment, but that it would have no effect upon those women with career commitments. In general, a noncareer woman acted in a way very similar to the conclusions reached in the traditional studies of labor force participation of married women, spouse present. For those with commitments, on the other hand, neither the number of children, the presence of teenagers, nor the earnings of the husband were related to their current labor force status.
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Stephan, Paula E. and Larry D. Schroeder. "Career Decisions and Labor Force Participation of Married Women" In: Women in the Labor Market. CB Lloyd, et al., eds. New York, NY: Columbia University Press, 1979