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Author: Rothschild, Michael
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1. Clotfelter, Charles T.
Rothschild, Michael
Studies of Supply and Demand in Higher Education
Papers from an NBER Conference, May 17-19, 1991. Chicago IL: University of Chicago Press, 1993.
Cohort(s): NLSY79
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
Keyword(s): College Enrollment; Current Population Survey (CPS) / CPS-Fertility Supplement; Demography; Higher Education; Human Capital Theory

Economists take a serious look at issues in higher education by working on a coordinated research effort and the resulting eight papers published in this volume push the literature forward in significant ways. The first applies basic economic theory to the higher education industry. The second paper's concern is with how youth, in making human capital investment decisions, form their expectations about future earnings. The third paper is on trends in college entry by different demographic groups. The fourth paper presents evidence that the nation's most talented students are increasingly concentrated in our "elite" institutions. The fifth paper uses survey results to examine the stated plans of Harvard seniors with regard to the pursuit of academic careers and fails to find much of a trend over the period 1985-90. The sixth paper considers a potentially important determinant of the future supply of academics--federal support for graduate students and estimates a model of institutional behavior. The seventh paper applies the basic principles of finance in discussing optimal investment strategies for endowment funds. The last chapter examines public choices in public higher education, funding for public colleges and universities, and understanding legislative decisions regarding higher education.
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Clotfelter, Charles T. and Michael Rothschild. Studies of Supply and Demand in Higher Education. Papers from an NBER Conference, May 17-19, 1991. Chicago IL: University of Chicago Press, 1993..