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Author: Robinson, Christina A.
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1. Robinson, Christina A.
Zheng, Xiaoyong
Household Food Stamp Program Participation and Childhood Obesity
Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 36,1 (April 2011): 1-13.
Cohort(s): Children of the NLSY79, NLSY79 Young Adult
Publisher: Western Agricultural Economics Association Inc.
Keyword(s): Body Mass Index (BMI); Child Self-Administered Supplement (CSAS); Food Stamps (see Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program); Household Structure; Intergenerational Patterns/Transmission; Modeling, Instrumental Variables; Obesity; Physical Activity (see also Exercise); State Welfare; State-Level Data/Policy; Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly Food Stamps); Weight; Welfare

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This study examines the dynamic relationship between a household’s Food Stamp Program (FSP) participation and the extent to which children in the household are overweight or obese. In contrast to previous studies employing static models, our results suggest that FSP participation significantly affects the deviation of current body mass index (BMI) from the ideal level in older male children who are currently underweight and for older female children who are already overweight. For older male children, the effect is desirable; for older females, however, our findings indicate that FSP participation has an adverse effect on their health and may contribute to being overweight or obese.
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Robinson, Christina A. and Xiaoyong Zheng. "Household Food Stamp Program Participation and Childhood Obesity." Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 36,1 (April 2011): 1-13.