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Author: Miller, Frederick H.
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1. Lazear, Edward
Miller, Frederick H.
Minimum Wage versus Minimum Compensation
Report of the Minimum Wage Study Commission 5 (1981): 347-380
Cohort(s): Young Men
Publisher: U.S. Department of Labor
Keyword(s): Benefits, Fringe; Minimum Wage; NLS of H.S. Class of 1972; Teenagers

The question examined in this paper is whether a minimum wage constraint induces employers to reduce other aspects of compensation. In particular, we examine the relationship between the imposition of a minimum wage and the rate of subsequent wage growth. One possible hypothesis is that the provision of on-the-job training by the employer is reduced as a way to compensate for the increased pecuniary wage rate. We find little support for this hypothesis. Other papers, by Mincer and Leighton, and by Hashimoto, claim to find strong effects of this sort.
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Lazear, Edward and Frederick H. Miller. "Minimum Wage versus Minimum Compensation." Report of the Minimum Wage Study Commission 5 (1981): 347-380.