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Author: Luft, Harold S.
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1. Luft, Harold S.
The Impact of Poor Health on Earnings
Review of Economics and Statistics 57,1 (February 1975): 43-57.
Cohort(s): Older Men
Publisher: Harvard University Press
Keyword(s): Disabled Workers; Earnings; Health/Health Status/SF-12 Scale; Socioeconomic Status (SES); Work History

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The author investigated several aspects of the impact of health on earnings. The determination of yearly earnings was divided into its component parts so that nine equations could be used to measure the gross and net effects of health for each component. These results were converted into overall measures of earnings loss of each component of earnings examined. From labor force participation to hourly wage and hours worked per week, not only are the observed values for the sick less than those of the well, but differences remain even after adjustment for different characteristics of the two populations. A clear "health" effect is thus apparent.
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Luft, Harold S. "The Impact of Poor Health on Earnings." Review of Economics and Statistics 57,1 (February 1975): 43-57.