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Author: Leonard, Kenneth E.
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1. Miller-Tutzauer, Carol
Leonard, Kenneth E.
Windle, Michael T.
Marriage and Alcohol Use: A Longitudinal Study of "Maturing Out"
Journal of Studies on Alcohol 52,5 (September 1991): 434-440.
Cohort(s): NLSY79
Publisher: Center of Alcohol Studies, Rutgers University
Keyword(s): Alcohol Use; Marital Status; Marriage

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This paper investigated whether a change in marital status (specifically, from being single to being married) leads to an alteration of alcohol consumption patterns, using data derived from the NLSY. Four marital transition groups from a total of 10,594 subjects (aged 18-28 years) were constructed based on marital status across a 3-yr period: stably single, married year 3, married year 2, and stably married. In each of the 3 years, information was collected concerning the subjects' alcohol consumption in the 30 days prior to being interviewed. Repeated measures analyses of alcohol-use patterns across time as a function of marital-transition group indicated that the subjects began moderating their alcohol consumption prior to their actual transition to married status, with the trend continuing into the 1st year of marriage. [PsycINFO]
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Miller-Tutzauer, Carol, Kenneth E. Leonard and Michael T. Windle. "Marriage and Alcohol Use: A Longitudinal Study of "Maturing Out"." Journal of Studies on Alcohol 52,5 (September 1991): 434-440.