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Author: Lairson, David
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1. Lairson, David
Lorimor, Ronald
Slater, Carl
Estimates of the Demand for Health: Males in the Pre-Retirement Years
Social Science and Medicine 19,7 (1984): 741-747.
Cohort(s): Older Men
Publisher: Elsevier
Keyword(s): Family Income; Family Resources; Health/Health Status/SF-12 Scale; Racial Differences; Simultaneity; Wages

Michael Grossman's theory (The Demand for Health: A Theoretical and Empirical Investigation, New York: National Bureau of Economic Research, 1972) is replicated with improved wage and wealth statistics in order to estimate separately the demand for health of black and white preretirement age males. Analysis of a subset of data obtained from the NLS of Older Men reveals that while demand functions for whites involved wage rate, education, and job satisfaction variables, only wage rate and wife's educational level were significant for blacks. Grossman's results are argued to be primarily representative of the white population, and several explanations for the observed black-white differentials are proposed. The inverse relationship between wage and health is examined through the use of a simultaneous equation model that yields an even greater wage effect than expected.
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Lairson, David, Ronald Lorimor and Carl Slater. "Estimates of the Demand for Health: Males in the Pre-Retirement Years." Social Science and Medicine 19,7 (1984): 741-747.