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Author: Keil, Thomas J.
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1. Rieger, J. H.
Keil, Thomas J.
Rural Manpower Resources and the Migration Turnaround
Presented: San Francisco, CA, Meetings of the Rural Sociological Society, 1978
Cohort(s): Young Men
Publisher: Rural Sociological Society
Keyword(s): Migration; Mobility; Peers/Peer influence/Peer relations; Rural Sociology; Rural/Urban Differences; Rural/Urban Migration; Urban and Regional Planning; Urbanization/Urban Living

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The focus of this paper is on the population turnaround in United States nonmetropolitan areas, specifically, the characteristics of young metropolitan migrants as compared to their resident age peers in rural areas. Using the data from the NLS of Young Men, rural migrants are compared with two classes of in-migrants: (1) "return migrants", persons of rural origin who left for metropolitan areas but had returned by 1973; and (2) "new migrants", persons of urban origin who were living in nonmetropolitan areas in 1973. Using Multiple Classification Analysis, the main effects of the following variables are examined: age, region, race, marital status, social position of family of origin, educational and occupational attainment, industry of employment, socioeconomic and educational mobility. Findings include that both classes of migrants tend to come from advantaged backgrounds and show higher educational and occupational attainments than do natives in rural areas. The migrants are found less frequently in traditional nonmetropolitan industries and more frequently in manufacturing and other industries that are decentralizing.
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Rieger, J. H. and Thomas J. Keil. "Rural Manpower Resources and the Migration Turnaround." Presented: San Francisco, CA, Meetings of the Rural Sociological Society, 1978.