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Author: Hersch, Joni
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1. Hersch, Joni
Reagan, Patricia Benton
Job Matching and Women's Wage-Tenure Profile
Applied Economics 26,3 (March 1994): 205-215.
Cohort(s): NLSY79
Publisher: Chapman & Hall
Keyword(s): Job Tenure; Job Turnover; Labor Force Participation; Labor Turnover; Quality of Employment Survey (QES); Wage Gap; Wage Growth; Wages, Women

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The results of a study suggest that discontinuous labor force participation is not likely to be an important determinant of the wage gap between men and women. Three data sets were examined: the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth sample for 1982, the 1977 Quality of Employment Survey, and data from a prior study. Regression results reveal that job matching factors concerning job retention and satisfaction are important determinants of wages. Workers with a good match are more productive in their current jobs than they would be in alternative employment. Such workers are unlikely to receive an alternative wage offer higher than their current wages, so turnover is also lower in good matches. Results also show that previous estimates of returns to tenure are biased downward for women and that women's wages rise with tenure faster than is commonly believed.
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Hersch, Joni and Patricia Benton Reagan. "Job Matching and Women's Wage-Tenure Profile." Applied Economics 26,3 (March 1994): 205-215.