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Author: Hatak, Isabella
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1. Andric, Mateja
Hsueh, Josh Wei-Jun
Zellweger, Thomas
Hatak, Isabella
Parental Divorce in Early Life and Entrepreneurial Performance in Adulthood
Journal of Business Venturing 39,3 (May 2024): 106390.
Cohort(s): NLSY79
Publisher: Elsevier
Keyword(s): Childhood, Early; Divorce; Entrepreneurial Performance; Entrepreneurship; Family History; Human Capital; Life Course; Self-Efficacy; Self-Employed Workers

We examine how parental divorce in early life affects performance in entrepreneurship in adulthood. Drawing on life course theory and empirical analyses of US self-employment and childhood data from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth 1979, we show that entrepreneurs' experience of parental divorce in childhood benefits their entrepreneurial performance in adulthood through a gain in self-efficacy while simultaneously suppressing entrepreneurial performance through a shortfall in human capital. We also show that whether the performance advantages or disadvantages from parental divorce dominate depends on parental human capital. While parental divorce is associated with underperformance for entrepreneurs whose parents have high levels of human capital, it is positively related to entrepreneurial performance for those with low parental human capital. Our study contributes new theory and evidence on the intertemporal relationship between past family contexts and present entrepreneurial performance.
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Andric, Mateja, Josh Wei-Jun Hsueh, Thomas Zellweger and Isabella Hatak. "Parental Divorce in Early Life and Entrepreneurial Performance in Adulthood." Journal of Business Venturing 39,3 (May 2024): 106390.