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Author: Hartnett, Caroline
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1. Hartnett, Caroline
White-Hispanic Differences in Meeting Lifetime Fertility Intentions in the U.S.
Demographic Research 30,43 (2014): 1245-1276.
Cohort(s): NLSY79
Publisher: Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research
Keyword(s): Ethnic Differences; Expectations/Intentions; Family Size; Fertility; Hispanics

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Objective: This paper examines the correspondence between fertility intentions and outcomes for Hispanic and White women and men in the U.S.

Methods: Panel data from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth are used to describe intended family size (recorded at age 22), completed family size (recorded at age 42 and above), and the likelihood that these numbers match, for Hispanic and White women and men. Regression analyses are used to understand why the correspondence between intentions and outcomes varies across groups.

Results: Although Hispanics come closer to achieving parity intentions in the aggregate (Hispanic women fall short by a quarter of a birth, compared to more than two-fifths for Whites), at the individual level they are not more likely to meet their intentions (33% of Hispanic women achieve their desired parity, compared with 38% of Whites). Hispanics have higher fertility than Whites both because they intend more children at the start of their reproductive lives and because they are more likely to exceed these intentions.

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Hartnett, Caroline. "White-Hispanic Differences in Meeting Lifetime Fertility Intentions in the U.S." Demographic Research 30,43 (2014): 1245-1276.