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Author: Georgellis, John
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1. Georgellis, John
Three Essays on Search Theory
Ph.D. Dissertation, West Virginia University, 1990
Cohort(s): Young Men
Publisher: UMI - University Microfilms, Bell and Howell Information and Learning
Keyword(s): Behavior; Endogeneity; Heterogeneity; Job Search; Labor Supply; Modeling

The purpose of this study is to examine theoretical and empirical issues that arise when relaxing the Poisson assumption for the rate of arrival of job offers in sequential models of labor dynamics. When it is assumed that job offers are determined exogenously then aspects of market interaction, self-selection, and offer heterogeneity are suppressed. Theoretical models of search have recognized the major importance of these issues, but new econometric techniques have a major difficulty in addressing them, because relaxation of the Poisson assumption increases their computational requirements. The effort of this study has been made to overcome this difficulty by using a priori estimates of the probabilities that particular types of searchers will prefer particular types of occupations, so that the rate of arrival of offers is endogenized. Such a model depends on the assumption of correlation between employees' personal characteristics and their preferences for particular job attributes. Testing this hypothesis will be helpful before incorporating it into any theoretical model. Chapter 2 presents a non-parametric way for deriving such data by utilizing a unique piece of information provided by the NLS for Young Men. Chapter 3 presents the two-state model of sequential job search and focuses on the effects of relaxing the assumption of the Poisson distribution for the rate of arrival of job offers by introducing a behavioral model for the hiring activity of the employer. Chapter 4 presents a two-period model of labor supply, savings, and search which highlights the notion of search as an investment which has to be compared with alternative investments in an optimal portfolio framework.
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Georgellis, John. Three Essays on Search Theory. Ph.D. Dissertation, West Virginia University, 1990.