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Author: Department of Agriculture
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1. Department of Agriculture
Poverty Among Older Women
Family Economics and Nutrition Review 11,3 (Fall 1998): 71-73.
Cohort(s): Mature Women
Publisher: U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)
Keyword(s): Age and Ageing; Family Income; Poverty; Social Security; Transfers, Financial

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Examined the extent to which poverty among older women is the result of specific events that happen in old age or is more likely to be a continuation of earlier-life conditions. Data were drawn from the National Longitudinal Survey of Mature Women (NLSMW). The first NLSMW interview took place in 1967 with 5,000 women aged 30-44. Over the next 25 years, participants were interviewed 16 times. By 1992, 3,000 women aged 55-69 remained in the survey. To assess the economic status of participants in various years, annual family income was divided by the relevant poverty threshold to compute income-to-poverty ratios for particular survey years. For the poor and near-poor groups of women aged 62 and older, Social Security and other government cash transfers made up 80% of family income in 1991-1992, but only 33% of total income for all other women. Being poor or near-poor was positively correlated with lower levels of education, poorer health, being unmarried, being nonwhite, living in the South, having little private pension income, living alone, and having 5 or more children. In general, earlier-life conditions were strong precursors of poverty status in old age, with later-life events having much less influence. Whether or not women entered poverty because of adverse later-life events depended on their economic resources just before the event. For many women, widowhood and divorce brought about economic hardship, but for most older women, these types of traumatic events did not bring about poverty spells. (AR) (AgeLine Database, copyright 2002 AARP, all rights reserved.)
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Department of Agriculture. "Poverty Among Older Women." Family Economics and Nutrition Review 11,3 (Fall 1998): 71-73.