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Author: Crittenden, Danielle
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1. Crittenden, Danielle
Yes, Motherhood Lowers Pay
New York Times, Late New York Edition, (Aug. 22, 1995): A15
Cohort(s): NLSY79
Publisher: Personnel Psychology
Keyword(s): Maternal Employment; Motherhood; Wage Differentials; Wages, Women

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It is not cartoonishly chauvinistic male bosses who hold women back in the statistics comparing women's salaries to that of men--it is the impinging nature of motherhood. Congressional Budget Office economist June O'Neill has discovered that "among women and men aged 27 to 33, who have never had a child, the earnings of women in the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth are close to 98 percent of men's." It is the vast majority of women who become mothers that pull the average down to 76 percent.
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Crittenden, Danielle. "Yes, Motherhood Lowers Pay." New York Times, Late New York Edition, (Aug. 22, 1995): A15.