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Author: Carlson, Elwood
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1. Carlson, Elwood
Family Background, School and Early Marriage
Journal of Marriage and Family 41,2 (May 1979): 341-353.
Cohort(s): Young Women
Publisher: National Council on Family Relations
Keyword(s): Dropouts; Family Influences; High School; Marriage; Schooling; Socioeconomic Status (SES); Teenagers; Work Experience

The effects of family background and school attendance on the timing of early marriage are investigated, and findings show that marriage is indirectly influenced by families, through impact on school as an alternative to marriage. Black girls more often come from families with attributes leading to early marriage; however, they are half as likely to form early marriages as white girls from similar educational and family backgrounds. For whites, rural and low suburban rates of early marriages are consequences of differing family socioeconomic patterns by size and place.
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Carlson, Elwood. "Family Background, School and Early Marriage." Journal of Marriage and Family 41,2 (May 1979): 341-353.