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Author: Byfield, Mike
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1. Byfield, Mike
Report / Newsmagazine (National Edition), 29,20, (21 October 2002): 38
Cohort(s): NLSY97
Publisher: United Western Communications Ltd.
Keyword(s): Age at First Intercourse; Sexual Activity; Sexual Experiences/Virginity; Teenagers

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Offers statistics on topics such as crime, manufacturing, airline industry, science, health and society. Amount of money generated by the sport of cockfighting in the United States; Decline of Nortel Networks stock price; Success of discount carrier Southwest Airlines; Indication that wealthier men and women in Canada live longer than those who have low incomes; Data showing that 60 percent of teens have sexual intercourse by grade 12, according to the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth. Copyright © 2002 EBSCO.

The National Longtitudinal Survey of Youth provides annual data from 8,000 Americans who were aged 12 to 16 when the research began in 1997. To date, results indicate that 34% of students have had sexual intercourse by Grade 9, rising to 60% by Grade 12. An analysis of those teenagers who reported having sex for the first time during 2000 indicates that 56% of them did so at their own family home or the home of their partner's family. A further 12% initiated themselves at a friend's house, 9% in a home belonging to one of the teenagers themselves, 4% in a vehicle, 3% outdoors and 3% in a hotel or motel. Ten percent cited other locations. Seventy percent of sexual initiations which took place in family homes reportedly occurred in the evening or night, suggesting that many parents do not supervise their teens carefully. Copyright © 2002 United Western Communications Ltd.

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Byfield, Mike. "Numbers." Report / Newsmagazine (National Edition), 29,20, (21 October 2002): 38.