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Author: Bowers, Norman
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1. Bowers, Norman
Youth Labor Force Activity: Alternative Surveys Compared
Monthly Labor Review 104,3 (March 1981): 3-17.
Cohort(s): NLSY79, Young Men
Publisher: U.S. Department of Labor
Keyword(s): Current Population Survey (CPS) / CPS-Fertility Supplement; NLS of H.S. Class of 1972; Research Methodology; Teenagers; Unemployment, Youth

Important findings from this comparative analysis include: (1) all three longitudinal surveys reveal higher estimates of labor force participation ratios and employment-population ratios than does the CPS; (2) with the important exception of the newest NLS, unemployment rates are little different between studies; (3) raw inter- survey differences are, in many instances, not statistically significant; (4) comparisons of the full CPS with other one-time or yearly surveys ignore the problem of rotation group bias, a factor that certainly accounts for some of the inter-survey differences; (5) the discrepancies, especially between the CPS and the 1966 and 1979 NLS data, appear to be concentrated among young teenagers and those whose major activity is attending school, perhaps because of the marginal nature of their labor force activity. Again, however, the evidence for this proposition is only suggestive; (6) the focus on self versus proxy response as the cause of inter-survey variations probably obscures a number of other important influences that may be producing the differences.
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Bowers, Norman. "Youth Labor Force Activity: Alternative Surveys Compared." Monthly Labor Review 104,3 (March 1981): 3-17.