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Author: Birnbaum, Howard
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1. Birnbaum, Howard
Career Origins, On-the-Job Training, and Earnings
Southern Economic Journal 42,4 (April 1976): 587-599.
Cohort(s): Older Men
Publisher: Southern Economic Association
Keyword(s): Career Patterns; Earnings; Educational Returns; Job Training; Schooling; Work History

Career origins are analyzed as a measure of the effect of job experience and job experiences are categorized. These categories suggest the potential limits the job experience may place on individual training and labor market experiences. Initial on-the-job training and career origins are crucial for they initiate a dynamic process that continually affects the level of earnings. Failure to account for on-the-job training, for which career origins is a proxy, will tend to overstate the returns to education.
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Birnbaum, Howard. "Career Origins, On-the-Job Training, and Earnings." Southern Economic Journal 42,4 (April 1976): 587-599.