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Author: Binkley, Collin
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1. Binkley, Collin
'Freshman 15' a Myth, Ohio State Study Says
The Columbus Dispatch, November 1, 2011, Section A, Page 1.
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Publisher: The Dispatch Printing Company
Keyword(s): College Education; College Enrollment; Health Factors; Weight

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The "freshman 15" myth is a bit bloated, according to a national study led by an Ohio State University researcher.

Contrary to the belief that students tend to gain an average of 15 pounds during the first year of college, a team led by Jay Zagorsky found that the typical student gains around 3 pounds in that time.

"People who go to college do gain a little bit more than similar people who don’t go to college, but it’s not really that much extra," said Zagorsky, who studied weight data with Patricia Smith, a professor at the University of Michigan-Dearborn.

Both researchers are economists, but Zagorsky said he was curious about the freshman 15 and regularly works with data that could help explain or debunk it.

The researchers used a national study that collected information from more than 7,000 teenagers in 1997 and tracked their weight and other data each year since. The study was commissioned by the U.S. Department of Labor.
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Binkley, Collin. "'Freshman 15' a Myth, Ohio State Study Says." The Columbus Dispatch, November 1, 2011, Section A, Page 1.