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Author: Benham, Harry C.
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1. Benham, Harry C.
Union-Nonunion Wage Differentials Revisited
Journal of Labor Research 8,4 (December 1987): 369-383.
Cohort(s): Young Men
Publisher: John M. Olin Institute at George Mason University
Keyword(s): Unions; Wage Differentials

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An attempt is made to develop union-nonunion wage differential estimates that separate the issue of a union productivity differential from the issue of union exercise of monopoly power. A multiple-indicator model is proposed in which education, experience, job tenure, and wages are determined by workers' productivity and ability. Estimates of union-nonunion wage differentials obtained using this model are compared with estimates obtained using standard methods. The data are from the Young Men cohort of the NLS. The results suggest that the simpler standard techniques underestimate the monopoly power of unions, while the more elaborate conventional techniques tend to overcorrect for labor quality differences and overestimate the differentials. [ABI/INFORM]
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Benham, Harry C. "Union-Nonunion Wage Differentials Revisited." Journal of Labor Research 8,4 (December 1987): 369-383.