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Author: Bartolich, Eugene
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1. Bartolich, Eugene
A Study of Managerial Employee Propensity Towards Unionization
Ph.D. Dissertation, Virginia Commonwealth University, 1990. DAI-A 52/02, p. 699, August 1991
Cohort(s): Young Men
Publisher: UMI - University Microfilms, Bell and Howell Information and Learning
Keyword(s): Quality of Employment Survey (QES); Unions; White Collar Jobs

This study is an empirical investigation into the extent and nature of managerial employee interest in unionization. Two national level surveys, the 1977 Quality of Employment Survey and the 1980 update of the National Longitudinal Surveys, and a 1988 area survey were screened by occupational code for managerial respondents. Based upon previous research, a priori hypotheses were formulated to test the effects of an array of explanatory variables upon the criterion variable, the respondents vote on the call for certification of a union. Explanatory variables tested represented personal, occupational, and industry characteristics identified in previous studies as being related to patterns of unionization. The array of variables was clustered into subsets of variables or constructs commensurate with the hypotheses. Hypotheses were tested for overall effect of the constructs, and individual variables were tested for their effect on the vote outcomes. Testing was done using the loglinear model with the categorical level variables and analysis of variance with the continuous level ones. Results show an increasing trend in the percentage of managers voting for certification of the union for the period from 1977 through 1988. Constructs and individual variables affecting the vote on union certification varied with the respective data set. Substantially, the same variables that evoked a response among nonmanagerial personnel caused a like effect on the managers. The study supports the previous research on attitudes toward unionization and extends it to the managerial group. The study concludes that the managerial group displayed an increasing propensity towards unionization over the period 1977 through 1988, and it identifies the attitudes affecting this propensity. These results suggest that follow-up studies with other special groups in the work force are warranted in order to examine their propensity towards unionization.
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Bartolich, Eugene. A Study of Managerial Employee Propensity Towards Unionization. Ph.D. Dissertation, Virginia Commonwealth University, 1990. DAI-A 52/02, p. 699, August 1991.