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Author: Ballen, John
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1. Ballen, John
Freeman, Richard B.
Transitions Between Employment and Nonemployment
Presented: Cambridge, MA, Conference on Inner City Black Youth Unemployment, August 1983.
Cohort(s): NLSY79
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Keyword(s): Employment; High School Dropouts; Inner-City; Job Turnover; Poverty; Racial Differences; Teenagers; Unemployment, Youth

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Data from both the NLS and NBER-Mathematica Survey of Inner City Black Youths are used to analyze patterns of movement to and from employment of out-of-school youths. The major finding is that the increase in employment with age for blacks, particularly high school dropouts, is quite small early in the work life. The authors trace the problem to a relatively low transition from nonemployment to employment rather than a high transition from employment to nonemployment. It is found that the transition probability from nonemployment to employment is adversely affected for inner city black youths by the incidence of nonemployment not only because many have shorter spells of employment and longer spells of nonemployment, but also due to the large number of inner city youth who are never employed. Also, it appears that those youths have higher employment-nonemployment transitions and do not experience the same positive duration dependence in that transition as do other youths. All told, the evidence suggests that for inner city black youths, high nonemployment is likely to extract a significant cost in the future because the dynamics of their transition to work is notably worse than those for other groups of youths.
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Ballen, John and Richard B. Freeman. "Transitions Between Employment and Nonemployment." Presented: Cambridge, MA, Conference on Inner City Black Youth Unemployment, August 1983.