SAT/ACT Scores - Appendix 1

SAT/ACT Scores - Appendix 1

These variables were last created in round 11.

Variables Created:

  • CVC_SAT_MATH_SCORE hisatm2007) - Highest SAT Math score
  • CVC_SAT_MATH_RND (hisatmrd2007) - Round reported highest SAT Math score
  • CVC_SAT_VERBAL_SCORE (hisatv2007) - Highest SAT Verbal score
  • CVC_SAT_VERBAL_RND (hisatvrd2007) - Round reported highest SAT Verbal scoreC
  • CVC_ACT_SCORE (hiact2007) - Highest ACT composite score
  • CVC_ACT_RND (hiactrd2007) - Round reported highest ACT score

These variables report the highest SAT Math, SAT Verbal, and ACT composite score reported in any round by the respondent. Because they are collapsed variables, they include data for all respondents and not just those interviewed in round 11. A second set of variables gives the round in which the highest score was reported.

Note that the ACT scores for 1997 are not included in this variable. In that round, the score was broken out by test section and no aggregate score was reported. In subsequent rounds, only an aggregate score was reported.

Variables Used

/**Variable Names in Program      Variable Names in Gator**/
    pubid                         pubid
    evertest2007                  YSCH-7700
    sattest2007                   YSCH-7800~000001
    acttest2007                   YSCH-7800~000002
    satm2007                      YSCH-8400
    satv2007                      YSCH-8500
    acts2007                      YSCH-9200
    cvcsatm2006                   created variable from previous round
created variable from previous round
    cvcsatv2006                   created variable from previous round
    cvcsatvrd2006                 created variable from previous round
    cvcact2006                    created variable from previous round
    cvcactrd2006                  created variable from previous round

SAS Code for Variable Creation

/* we'll compare r11 score of sat and act with the highest score of previous round ,
if R gets higher score in this round, then we'll adopt r11 score. */

hisatm2007     = cvcsatm2006   ;
hisatmrd2007   = cvcsatmrd2006 ;
hisatv2007     = cvcsatv2006   ;
hisatvrd2007   = cvcsatvrd2006 ;
hiact2007      = cvcact2006    ;
hiactrd2007    = cvcactrd2006  ;

/* if previous high score was valid, but rd10 is higher, than new high score is rd10 score. */
if cvcsatm2006 le satm2007 AND satm2007 in (1,2,3,4,5,6) AND cvcsatm2006 ne -3 then
    hisatm2007  =satm2007;

if cvcsatv2006 le satv2007 AND satv2007 in (1,2,3,4,5,6) AND cvcsatv2006 ne -3 then
    hisatv2007  =satv2007;

if cvcact2006 le acts2007 AND acts2007 in (1,2,3,4,5,6) AND cvcact2006 ne -3 then
    hiact2007   =acts2007;
    hiactrd2007 =11;

*if an invalid score is reported, then it becomes the highest reported score value and the round is set to 11;
if satm2007 in (-1,-2,-3) then
    hisatm2007  =-3;

if satv2007 in (-1,-2,-3) then
    hisatv2007  =-3;

if acts2007 in (-1,-2,-3) then
    hiact2007  =-3;