Errata for 1979-2018 Data Release

Errata for 1979-2018 Data Release

NEWEST ERRATA: The following four Errata were posted 1/6/2021:

1. CPS HOURLY RATE OF PAY and CPS Job Flag Corrections for NLSY79 1980-1993

A review of the CPS hourly rate of pay variables yielded corrections to a small number of variables:

  1. A small number of CPSHRP variables (143) from 1980-93 were found to be missing valid values that should have been present.
  2. In addition, 40 cases were found to have a discrepancy between QES-52.## and QES-84.## (two variables that identify CPS job between 1988-1993). In the vast majority of those, QES-52.## appears to be correct.
  3. 20 cases in 1993 were rounded in the HRP and HRP_WHRLY_2 variables but not in the CPSHRP variable. The HRP will be replaced with the more precise CPSHRP calculation.
  4. 4 respondents were identified to have an incorrect CPSHRP value with one of those requiring an update to the HRP and HRP_WHRLY_2 values.

Corrected data for these variables have been included in the public release. 

2. AGEATINT updates and corrections (1979 to 2016)

Due to reauthorization of CIPSEA in 2019, in response to the Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act of 2017, a review of all age variables was undertaken. The AGEATINT variables were smoothed in accordance with this review. During this process, two issues were corrected for the AGEATINT variable:

  1. In 1994, the original 1979 date of birth was used in the calculation rather than the hybrid date of birth that combines the 1979 date of birth with the 1981 date of birth. All other AGEATINT variables use the hybrid date to calculate the age at interview. This led to an update to 87 respondents.
  2. In the 2004 program, the components of the date of interview variable were mislabeled. When the program calculated the age, this mismatch caused the age to be miscalculated for 3,314 cases.

Corrected data for these variables have been included on the public release.

3. Corrections to INDALL-EMP and OCCALL-EMP variables in 2014 and 2016

In updating the R28 industry and occupation codes, staff found a small number of codes were pulled forward erroneously for long-term non-interviews (last interview in 2002 or prior) when a different coding frame was used. The codes for non-interviewed respondents from 2002 were converted by multiplying the existing code by 10; this affected 4 respondents (4 values) in 2014 and for 6 respondents (12 values) in 2016. The values for an additional 5 respondents in 2014 and 10 respondents in 2016 were removed as these were coded to the 1970 frame.

Corrected data for these variables have been included on the public release.

4. Corrections to HOURS_WORKED_WEEK_ALL.## for 2002

Values for the created variables HOURS_WORKED_WEEK_ALL.## in 2002 are incorrectly set to value missing (-4) for self-employed workers. This affected 903 self-employed jobs.

Corrected data for these variables have been included on the public release.