Errata for 2018 Child/Young Adult Release

Errata for 2018 Child/Young Adult Release

Newest Errata [Posted February 10, 2021]

Errata for Cross-Round Child Care Variables

The child-based child care variables that are assigned to the CHILD CARE area of interest (child reference numbers C03564.-C03590.) provide a cumulative updated profile of the child care experiences in the first three years of life for the NLSY79 children. Retrospective questions on child care during the first three years of life for each child were collected in the NLSY79 surveys in 1986, 1988, 1992, and 1994-2014. While child care information was not collected in the 1990 main Youth survey round, it was updated in 1992 or in subsequent rounds through 2014 for mothers not interviewed in 1992.

These variables were reviewed for the 1986-2018 public release. The initial variables for whether or not a child was in childcare during a specific year of life (C03564., C03573., and C03582.) were expanded to include information to help users understand why information is unavailable for that year. The revised variables contain the following categories:

1  YES
0  NO
2  Child did not live with mother in this year of life
3  Child adopted out
4  Child deceased
5  Mother of child in dropped military oversample
6  Mother of child in dropped poor white oversample
7  Mother was a non-interview when these questions were asked
8  Mother of child deceased before answering these questions
9  Child reported or mother interviewed after these questions were discontinued

In the process of assigning these new codes, some errors in the original variables were identified and corrected. These corrections affected less than 5% of children.