Errata for 2000 Child/Young Adult Release

Errata for 2000 Child/Young Adult Release

The Investigator contains the most recent release of each NLS cohort. Known problems with the current release of the Child-Young Adult are found below. Corrections have been made to items noted in the Errata of prior releases. For further questions, please contact NLS User Services.

R19-2000 NLSY79 Child-Young Adult Public Release, April 2002

Cases deleted from file. The following child cases have been deleted from the R19-2000 NLSY79 Child-Young Adult file: Child Public ID = 318802, 318803, 567001, 864903, 902102,1031303. A review of the longitudinal main Youth record has shown that these cases are duplicates, nonbiological children, or non-live births previously reported by NLSY79 respondents.

Case Edit for CINTRV2000 (C00115.07). There are two Child cases in the current file for which the R19-2000 child interview status flag (CINTRV2000, C00115.07, "INTERVIEW STATUS OF CHILD") and the child sampling weight for 2000 (CSAMWT2000, C24955., "CHILD SAMPLING WEIGHT") disagree. For case CPUBID=256503, the child interview status flag C00115.07 should be recoded to 0; the child sampling weight (C24955.) value of 0 for this case is correct. For case CPUBID=745801, a telephone interview was completed for the child, even though the child was part of the excluded over sample in 2000. Thus, the child interview status flag C00115.07 has a value of 1 (indicating that the Child Supplement was administered) and a child sampling weight of 0 because the child was in the deleted over sample. Users may decide to recode the interview status value for this case depending on their analysis. See below for an explanation of the deleted over sample in 2000.

Over samples reduced in 2000. In Round 19-2000, due to funding constraints, children of the black and Hispanic over samples were reduced by about 38%. These excluded cases were randomly selected and will be eligible for re-interview in Round 20-2002.

HOME Recode short titles. Several of the home recode titles (e.g., C19028., C19055., C19082., C25091., C25119., and C25146.) do not have a space between the "&" and the next word (e.g., &DAD). When running SAS this produces a warning, but does not affect the use of the title.

Child cases with no mother interview. In R19-2000 two children (Public ID =11202, 592604) were interviewed whose mothers were not. Users will notice that variables tied to the mother's interview date, such as agech2000 (C00047.45) or agemom2000 (C00382.37) are missing. Users may want to default to the child's age at the date of assessment (csage2000, C00070.47) for agech2000.

Interview status flags reduced and simplified. In R19-2000, the set of child interview status flags has been reduced to 7 from 8 for 1994-1998. The key child interview status flag (CINTRV2000) has been created as a dichotomous rather than a 7-category variable as in 1998.