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Title: Delayed Formal On-the-Job Training
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1. Loewenstein, Mark A.
Spletzer, James R.
Delayed Formal On-the-Job Training
Industrial and Labor Relations Review 51,1 (October 1997): 82-99.
Cohort(s): NLSY79
Publisher: New York State School of Industrial and Labor Relations, Cornell University
Keyword(s): Current Population Survey (CPS) / CPS-Fertility Supplement; Human Capital; Job Tenure; Job Training; Manpower Programs; Mobility, Job; Occupational Choice; Training, On-the-Job

The training literature assumes that job training is concentrated at the beginning of the employment relationship. The authors argue, however, that if there is belated information about employees' future mobility, it may be optimal to delay their training, even if doing so means forgoing the returns to training during the early part of the employment relationship. Results of an analysis of the relationship between tenure and the probability of ever having received training, using data from the Current Population Survey and the National Longitudinal Surveys of Youth, indicate that delayed formal training is the norm rather than the exception.
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Loewenstein, Mark A. and James R. Spletzer. "Delayed Formal On-the-Job Training." Industrial and Labor Relations Review 51,1 (October 1997): 82-99.