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Title: Asymmetric Information between Employers
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1. Kahn, Lisa B.
Asymmetric Information between Employers
American Economic Journal: Applied Economics 5,4 (October 2013): 165-205.
Cohort(s): NLSY79
Publisher: American Economic Association
Keyword(s): Firms; Learning, Asymmetric; Skills; Workers Ability

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This study explores whether potential employers have the same information about worker ability as the incumbent firm. I develop a model of asymmetric learning that nests the symmetric learning case and allows the degree of asymmetry to vary. I then show how predictions in the model can be tested with compensation data. Using the NLSY, I test the model and find strong support for asymmetric information. My estimates imply that in one period, outside firms reduce the average expectation error over worker ability by only a third of the reduction made by incumbent firms.
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Kahn, Lisa B. "Asymmetric Information between Employers." American Economic Journal: Applied Economics 5,4 (October 2013): 165-205.