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Source: Northern Social Science Review
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1. Bartlett, Robin L.
Callahan, Charles
Racial Pay Disparities Among Older Men
Northern Social Science Review (Spring 1984): 58-71
Cohort(s): Older Men
Publisher: Northern State College
Keyword(s): Discrimination, Racial/Ethnic; Racial Differences; Wage Differentials

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Using data from the NLS of Older Men in 1966, 1975, and 1976, a sample of 338 black and 752 white men were studied to determine the degree of racial discrimination in wage determination. Human capital, geographic and personal characteristic variables were found to be important determinants of wages for black and white older men. Besides education and job tenure being significant determinants of black wages, part time work status, specific vocational training, and number of dependents appear significant. Father's occupation and residence at age 15 are two variables that seem to be significant and measure more subtle aspects of human capital investment for white wages. Southern location is a significant explanatory variable for both populations. The findings suggest that the proportion of the residual in previously estimated wage equations attributed to racial discrimination may be slightly overstated.
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Bartlett, Robin L. and Charles Callahan. "Racial Pay Disparities Among Older Men." Northern Social Science Review (Spring 1984): 58-71.