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Source: Nature
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1. Schnabel, Jim
Media Research: The Black Box
Nature, 459,7248, (June 2009): 765-768.
Cohort(s): NLS General, NLSY79
Publisher: MacMillan Publishers, Ltd.
Keyword(s): Children, Mental Health; Television Viewing

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The article offers information on the study related to the impact of watching television on the children below three years old conducted by Dimitri Christakis in the U.S. It notes that through the database called National Longitudinal Survey of Youth, they analyzed 1,300 children who have available data, after which they concluded that 20% of the children who watched television two hours per day before the age of three have developed attention problem at the age of seven compared to children who did not watch television. According to the article, Christakis and his colleagues worked with public health expert Fred Zimmerman from University of California in Los Angeles in following the study.
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Schnabel, Jim. "Media Research: The Black Box." Nature, 459,7248, (June 2009): 765-768.