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Source: Journal of Moral Education
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1. Hart, Daniel
Atkins, Robert L.
Ford, Debra
Family Influences on the Formation of Moral Identity in Adolescence: Longitudinal Analyses
Journal of Moral Education 28,3 (September 1999): 375-386
Cohort(s): Children of the NLSY79, NLSY79 Young Adult
Publisher: Carfax Publishing Company ==> Taylor & Francis
Keyword(s): Adolescent Behavior; Behavior Problems Index (BPI); Behavior, Antisocial; Behavior, Prosocial; Child Self-Administered Supplement (CSAS); Family Environment; Family Influences; Home Observation for Measurement of Environment (HOME); Parent-Child Relationship/Closeness; Parenting Skills/Styles; Peabody Individual Achievement Test (PIAT- Reading); Teenagers; Volunteer Work

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A model of moral identity formation is presented. According to the model, family influences have a direct effect on moral identity development in adolescence, independent of the effects of personality, income and other factors. The model is tested using longitudinal data from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth (Child Sample), which is constituted of the children born to a representative sample of American women who were between the ages of 14 and 21 in 1979. In general, the results provide support for the model. Cognitively and socially rich family environments, combined with high levels of parent-adolescent joint activity, were found to facilitate voluntary participation in community service, a marker of moral identity formation. The implications of these findings for parenting, moral education and future research are discussed.
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Hart, Daniel, Robert L. Atkins and Debra Ford. "Family Influences on the Formation of Moral Identity in Adolescence: Longitudinal Analyses." Journal of Moral Education 28,3 (September 1999): 375-386.