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Source: Journal of Educational Statistics
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1. Marcus, Richard D.
Measuring the Rate of Return to Interrupted Schooling
Journal of Educational Statistics 9,4 (Winter 1984): 295-310
Cohort(s): Young Men
Publisher: American Educational Research Association
Keyword(s): High School Dropouts; Military Service; Schooling; Veterans

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The most widely followed technique to estimate the rate of return to a year of schooling was provided by Mincer (1974). This paper extends Mincer's semilog wage regression method to include those who interrupted their schooling with years of work. Schooling and the duration of the interruption interact to create nonlinearities in the rate of return to schooling. The proposed method is then applied to both Vietnam Era G.I. students and civilian interrupters. Interrupters are shown to earn substantially the same rate of return as those who experienced uninterrupted schooling, when both groups have obtained the same level of schooling. Students on the G.I. Bill earned slightly higher rates of return to their interrupted schooling, but their accumulated work experience was not valued highly in the labor market.
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Marcus, Richard D. "Measuring the Rate of Return to Interrupted Schooling." Journal of Educational Statistics 9,4 (Winter 1984): 295-310.