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Source: Bureaucrat
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1. Steel, Brent S.
Job Satisfaction
Bureaucrat 20,3 (Fall 1991): 57-59
Cohort(s): NLSY79
Publisher: The Bureaucrat, Inc.
Keyword(s): Job Satisfaction; Private Sector; Public Sector

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Over the past decade, a number of observers have claimed that public sector employees manifest low levels of job satisfaction and thus experience workplace alienation. Some have argued that red tape and the lack of management flexibility have led to unmotivated and dissatisfied employees. Data from the NLSY were used to investigate the level of job satisfaction evident among young public and private sector employees. Employees in the public sector were found to have higher levels of job satisfaction when compared with their private sector counterparts. In addition, it is evident that the public sector has been successful in attracting and keeping qualified and highly motivated young employees when compared with the private sector. The public sector employees in this study had higher levels of education, higher work aspirations, and longer terms of employment than a comparable sample of private sector employees. [ABI/INFORM]
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Steel, Brent S. "Job Satisfaction." Bureaucrat 20,3 (Fall 1991): 57-59.