Attitudes, Expectations, Non-Cognitive Tests & Activities: An Introduction

Information has been gathered on NLSY97 respondents' attitudes, expectations of the future, non-cognitive tests, and activities such as weekly activities, political and community participation, and computer use. Table 1 summarizes the NLSY97 topics available in this section.

Table 1. Expectations, Attitudes, Behaviors & Time Use Topics and Universe Restrictions

NLSY97 User's Guide Topic Universe restrictions

  Justice Systems Conjecture on events that might follow a hypothetical arrest All ages in Rounds 1-4
  Parents  Respondents rate parents' behavior 12-14 year olds in Rounds 1-4
  Peers Estimates of peers' positive and negative activities and behaviors All ages in Round 1 and Round 8; "Best friend" questions in Round 6
  School Opinions about school environment, including teacher quality, discipline, and safety All ages in Round 1 (for those enrolled in school)
  Self Scale similar to Achenbach's Youth Self Report Ages 12-14 in Round 1
  Domains of Influence Who the respondents turn to for advice for a number of issues All ages in Rounds 7 and 9
  Mental Health Measures Respondents rate their mental health via Mental Health Inventory
All ages in Rounds 4-6, 8, 10, 12, 14
  Risk Assessment Respondents rate their willingness to take risks in various settings and scenarios All ages in round 14
  Miscellaneous Attitude Questions Opinions about different topics; varies by round All ages in Rounds 10 and up.
Expectations Respondents' and parents' beliefs about what the respondents' future might be Ages 15 and 16 in Round 1; All ages in Round 4-5. Age 16 in Round 6.
Religion: Preferences, Beliefs, & Practices All ages. Respondent's religious preferences in Rounds 1, 9, 12, and 15;  Beliefs and practices in Rounds 6, 9, 12, and 15; church attendance in Rounds 4-15; partner's religion in all rounds; parent's religion in Round 1.
Time Use Amount of time respondent spends on various activities Round 1: Ages 12-14 (16--not enrolled or employed.) Rounds 2 and 3: >=15--not enrolled or employed
Political Participation Voting habits, etc. All ages in Rounds 8, 10, 12, 14
Computer & Internet Access Respondent's computer and internet use; Questions vary by round Rounds 7 and up, all ages.
Community Participation & Volunteerism
Any unpaid volunteer work; reason for participation
Rounds 9, 11, 15, and 16; all ages.
Speech Data  Audio data (converted into numerical data) collected to learn about the connection between a worker's speech and labor market success. Round 15; African-American and Southern white respondents as well as a sample of the rest of the survey cohort.


Note:  Age restrictions as of 12/31/1996 unless stated otherwise.