About the National Longitudinal Surveys (NLS)

The NLS, sponsored by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, are nationally representative surveys that follow the same sample of individuals from specific birth cohorts over time. The surveys collect data on labor market activity, schooling, fertility, program participation, health, and much, much more. Choose a cohort below to learn more.

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Going to a professional conference soon? The NLS User Services booth makes an appearance at several conferences throughout the year. Stop by to get some hands-on instruction (or just to say hi). 

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See our newest brochure:  Recent Health Research from the National Longitudinal Surveys of Youth.  


NLS Research well represented at recent APPAM 2016 Conference.  The Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management's 2016 Fall Research Conference took place November 3-5 in Washington, D.C. Check out the NLS-related research that was presented there


NLS Brochures and Data Briefs available as PDFs. Need some quick info about the NLS to hand out in your classroom or give to a colleague? Click here for access to PDFs of our brochures and data briefs. The NLS brochures cover a variety of topics for all cohorts, while the data briefs are more specific to the NLSY79 Child & Young Adult datasets.


Newest Data Release [6/15/2016]: Preliminary 2014 NLSY79 Young Adult Data. A preliminary version of the 2014 NLSY79 Young Adult data is now available to the public through NLS Investigator (www.nlsinfo.org/investigator). The young adults surveyed in this round (age range 14 to 42) are the older children of female respondents in the NLSY79. The release includes all data collected for the YA in the 2014 data collection round, plus a limited number of created variables. These data can be merged in with the NLSY79 Child/YA 1979-2012 data release. Users should be aware that the reference numbers in this preliminary release are not final and may be different in the final merged NLSY79 Child/YA 1979-2014 data release. Question names, however, will not change.


Check out our Website Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the NLS. Fun facts, user profiles, NLS language lessons, and more!! Check us out at https://nlsat50.org/.


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