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Cohort:National Longitudinal Survey of Youth 1979
Round:NLSY79 Round 24
Instrument :NLSY79 R24 release
  1. Stock Options

STOCK_OPTIONS_CHK1 [T24632.00]Section: Stock Options

([any employers ever reported?] >= 1)

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STOCK_OPTIONS_1 [T24635.00]Section: Stock Options

Were you offered any stock options by your [current/last] employer? By stock option, we mean the right to buy shares of company stock at a specific price for a specific term.

 1   Yes   ...(Go To STOCK_OPTIONS_2)
 0   No

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STOCK_OPTIONS_CHK4 [T24636.00]Section: Stock Options



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STOCK_OPTIONS_2 [T24637.00]Section: Stock Options

Were you offered a stock option more than once by your [current/last] employer?

 1   Yes
 0   No

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STOCK_OPTIONS_3 [T24638.00]Section: Stock Options

Was a stock option offered before you accepted the job?

 1   Yes
 0   No   ...(Go To STOCK_OPTIONS_5)

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STOCK_OPTIONS_4 [T24639.00]Section: Stock Options

Was the stock option a factor in your decision to accept the job?

 1   Yes
 0   No

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STOCK_OPTIONS_5 [T24640.00]Section: Stock Options

(Was/Were any of the) stock option(s) offered to you explicitly as a bonus or incentive for good work performance?

 1   Yes
 0   No

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STOCK_OPTIONS_6 [T24641.00]Section: Stock Options

Can you currently exercise the (first) stock option offered to you by your [current/former] employer?

 1   Yes
 0   No   ...(Go To STOCK_OPTIONS_7)

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STOCK_OPTIONS_7 [T24642.00]Section: Stock Options

Are you unable to exercise that option because you are not yet allowed to, because the stock option has already expired, or because you already exercised the option?

 1   Not yet allowed to exercise option
 2   Option has expired   ...(Go To STOCK_OPTIONS_10)
 3   Already exercised option   ...(Go To Q7-A)

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STOCK_OPTIONS_8 [T24643.00]Section: Stock Options

Do you plan to exercise the option?

 1   Yes   ...(Go To Q7-A)
 0   No

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STOCK_OPTIONS_10 [T24645.00]Section: Stock Options

Do you expect to be offered a stock option by your current employer in the future?

 1   Yes
 0   No

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